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1default Quick Work - Intermediate on Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:35 pm

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Quick Work - Intermediate

Author: Vicki Hollett
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File size: 1,5 mb
File type: PDF

This course, divided into 5 units is an excellent tool for a
conversation based Business course. It helps students at
pre-intermediate level to find confidence in speaking freely in business
situations. Each unit can be used independently, or the course can be
used as a whole.
One shortfall of the course is that if you are teaching a class with a
mixture of students, some who have already started working, and some who
have not yet entered the job market, it is sometimes difficult to
follow the tasks set. A little imagination is required on the part of
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QUICK WORK (1.63 MB, 2053 lần tải)

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